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View your career as part of your life, and not your life as part of your career.

You’ve taken a career break. You may have been out of the workplace for a while.

It’s not unusual to feel apprehensive – that the business has changed or the people you knew have moved on.

And sometimes the thought of going back can seem like a massive leap.

I can help you navigate your way back into the workplace - and to face the challenge with confidence.

Stride through the door like you never left. Speak to Incredible Careers.


Marley has been my mentor for 11 years; energetic, funny, creative and supportive— she is such an inspiration. Her advice has taken me through from assistant level to my current position as VP of Development in New York

Gemma KD, Vice President of Development, NYC


I've known Marley for many years and have worked with her at Crow TV. She is a listener and a motivator, but is always honest, (she is realistic about defining goals) and her vast experience in the industry means that she imparts REAL pearls of wisdom.

Abbi GS, Editor, Bristol


Marley has been my career coach for the last three months. I approached her because I was struggling to move on in my career. We worked on my CV and interview technique and I have just secured a much sought after job in production.

Holly R, Production co-ordinator, London


I first met Marley when I was working as a runner. She has been instrumental in my career progress. She is challenging and makes you think about what you really want. She helps equip you with tangible tools to reach for promotion and supports you through the stages to achieve it.

James S, Dubbing Mixer, London

Ensure your job is the right one for you.